Integrated Monitoring of Water and Sanitation Related SDG 6 Targets - GEMI Webinars


UN Environment is the custodian for the following targets:

6.3.2 on Ambient Water Quality
6.5.1 on Integrated Water Resources Management
6.6.1 on Water-related ecosystems
UN Water, UN Environment, and UNEP-DHI elaborated a series of "Step-by-Step monitoring methodologies" for these three targets.

In collaboration with Cap-Net UNDP, a series of webinars will take place to encourage countries to take notice of the guides for practical implementation of monitoring and reporting on indicators and targets.

In addition to being available in English, all materials will be translated to Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. For each of the three targets technical seminars will be organized on the Cap-Net Virtual Campus in the relevant languages and time zones.

Participants of these webinars will be contacted by invitation and informed about the respective webinar considering language and time zone.