Youth Webinar on Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity


Part 3: Expert-Youth Interaction Session

We would like to warmly invite all interested youth to sign up online as directed below and join us on Monday, 25 May 2020 Time: 6:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) 3: 45 PM, Nepal Standard Time (NPT).

The youth webinar aims to uncover the interactions of climate change, Biodiversity, Disaster risk reduction (DRR), and Sustainable energy in light of the Covid-19 crisis. In our third installment of this webinar, we've invited senior subject expert guest speakers who will discuss addressing the synergies/trade-offs and connection between the above-mentioned topics and transformation to a new normal post-global pandemic.

The webinar recording can be found here

Webinar speakers' headshots on green field