International Webinar on Sustainable Private Sector: Green and Responsible Business Practices


Webinar Objective

This webinar seeks to introduce you to ways in which you can explore and implement green and responsible practices in your business, consumer choices, and or life. The webinar is also for those who are generally interested in the subject and would just like to learn more. Furthermore, it seeks to reinforce Sustainable Development Goal 17 on revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.

This webinar will deliver these outcomes through a panel of inspiring individuals representing businesses or international entities that promote green and responsible operations.

Through this, the webinar aims to not only help advance change through the sharing of best practices, but also to foster a healthy appreciation for the private sector as sustainable operators and guardians of the future.    


Joel Tomas | Grassroots Initiatives
Ara Cho | ASD
Quynh Huong Nguyen | Climate Bonds Initiative

For more information, including the background, speaker bios, and information about the SDGs, refer to the concept note below. 

Concept Note

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Sustainable Private Sector Webinars
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