Incremental and radical solutions for critical infrastructures


This webinar discusses the SuRe® Standard and ways to ensure that infrastructure investments drive sustainable and resilient pathways to intergenerational equity in a time of global crisis. The current global health crisis shows us that having access to reliable critical infrastructures is paramount under normal conditions and even more during and after a crisis or disaster. However, risks from cascading disasters, as well as, interdependencies between infrastructure sectors have been widely neglected.  When critical infrastructure and crisis management are not equally accessible, social vulnerability exacerbate, increasing the risk for extended dysfunctionalities and longer recovery periods. The challenges faced during the current COVID-19 pandemic will hopefully play a significant role for more preventive planning. However, we have a short window of opportunity before returning to “business as usual”. Reducing impacts from the crises require addressing root causes of vulnerabilities, within the health sector and beyond, including risks from and on other infrastructures.  

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