Climate Action

Webinar Recordings - Addressing agricultural resilience in long term climate planning instruments

The landscape of climate planning instruments available to countries under the UNFCCC process includes National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Long Term Strategies (LTS).  These instruments have emerged at different milestones such as the Cancun Adaptation Framework and the Paris Agreement and have specific characteristics and objectives which can contribute to and reinforce each other if leveraged effectively.

Climate Change Benefit Analysis CCBA Guidelines

Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which have explored options for integrating climate change into national planning and budgeting. It was also one of the first group of five countries to produce a Climate Change Public Expenditure and Institutional Review and has played a leading role in piloting analysis of how climate change affects the benefits from public expenditure.

Making Local Government Fit for Purpose: A Framework for an Integrated Climate Change Response at the Local Level

The increasing intensity and frequency of climate related shocks, as well as it’s diverse, localised manifestations means that the costs of addressing climate change are likely to fall disproportionately on local government. Yet, in many countries climate finance is managed at the national level and is not effectively trickling down to the subnational level. Country systems are often weakest at the local level, where with the presence of a large number of stakeholders, basic co-ordination becomes challenging.

Hard Choices Integrated Approaches: A Guidance Note on Climate Change Financing Frameworks

This Guidance Note serves as an introductory guide for stakeholders on how to create or refine a Climate Change Financing Framework (CCFF) – a strategic, whole-of-government plan to better manage, mobilize and target climate finance.
By providing guidance on how the core elements, processes and outputs involved in a Climate Change Financing Framework fit together, this Note will assist countries to create more effective, practical, and integrated financing responses.