Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development
The Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development is the world´s most inspiring SDG event to celebrate, empower, and connect the global community driving Action for the Sustainable… Read more
Localizing Integration
Systainability Asia, in collaboration with Adhyeta International (Nepal) and IPTM (Bangladesh), will conduct a 4-day International SDG ‘Training of Trainers’ program focused on “localizing integrated… Read more
SDG Help Desk Webinar
Join us on February 13, 16:00 Bangkok time for the SDG Help Desk's introductory webinar, in collaboration with SDSN Youth. During the webinar, participants will be introduced to the SDG Help Desk:… Read more
Please join us for the ReliefWeb 101 Workshop! It's a FREE introductory workshop that helps you understand how our resources help humanitarians make informed decisions, develop new skills, and… Read more
Call for Papers
Have you gotten an idea for a presentation or paper? We invite you to be part of the International Gathering in Public Participation and Stakeholder Engagement for SDGs' Optimum Impact in Bangkok,… Read more