Climate Action

Sustaining Economy, Public Health and Environment for the future of humanity

The youth webinar aims to uncover the interactions of the economy, human society & community, and international cooperation in light of the COVID-19 crisis. In our second installment of this webinar, we've invited senior subject expert guest speakers who will discuss addressing the synergies/trade-offs and connection between the above-mentioned topics and transformation to a new normal post-global pandemic.

Webinar on Nature based Solutions ( NbS ) and Our Changing World

The webinar will follow the modality of dialogue and discussion among experts and practitioners on Nature based Solutions NbS in both Bangladesh and global context The aim is to explore global and national perspectives on the effectiveness of NbS challenges and needs along with identifying opportunities to integrate NbS in various sectors to achieve sustainable development harmonizing nature and human well being.

Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020
Time: 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm  (GMT/UTC +6)