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The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is a framework that integrates economic and environmental data to provide a more comprehensive and multipurpose view of the interrelationships between the economy and the environment and the stocks and changes in stocks of environmental asset - Browse now

Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities

Get an overview of a range of emerging concepts within sustainability science – like the Anthropocene, planetary boundaries, and resilience. This course is offered free of charge by the SDG Academy.

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Cities and the Challenge of Sustainable Development

Get an introduction to the topic of urban sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals in this mini-series course. This course is offered free of charge by the SDG Academy.

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The Age of Sustainable Development

Learn from Jeffrey Sachs about the key challenges and pathways to economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable – a.k.a. sustainable development. This course is offered free of charge by the SDG Academy.

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Local Water Solution for Global Challenges

In partnership with UNITAR, University of Strathclyde and Scottish Government, this course offers the opportunity to learn about the challenges and solutions associated with managing this precious resource and includes innovative technologies for increased water resilience.

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Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development - Gaia Education

In partnership with UNITAR and the University of Strathclyde this course supports participants to make informed decisions on which technologies will meet the needs of their communities, neighbourhoods and regions. - Enroll

Design for Sustainability programme - Gaia Education

This online programme provides students with whole systems design skills, analytical abilities and a wide range of methods to support the redesign of the human presence on Earth from degenerative to regenerative trends one local community and bioregion at a time.  The programme is divided in - Enroll

Migration and Youth in Rural Areas

Migration is an intrinsic part of rural development. Yet, there are major knowledge gaps regarding its drivers, dynamics and effects on rural areas. This e-learning course allows to understand the linkages between migration and rural development with a particular focus on youth. - Enroll