Welcome to the SDG Help Desk: A Joint UNESCAP and SDSN Webinar

SDG Help Desk Webinar

Join us on February 13, 16:00 Bangkok time for the SDG Help Desk's introductory webinar, in collaboration with SDSN Youth.

During the webinar, participants will be introduced to the SDG Help Desk: its design, service lines, navigation, and content. Next, the webinar will elaborate on the gateway’s utility for policy makers, sustainable development practitioners, and other users alike. After this, the critical role of partners to the gateway’s success and how to partner with the SDG Help Desk will be elaborated on.

Next, a representative from SDSN Youth will deliver an introduction to their organization’s Youth Solutions Program and its partnership with the SDG Help Desk. The representative will also provide more details on the Youth Solutions Program’s initiatives to support youth-led innovations for the SDGs through capacity-building, funding and investment opportunities, and visibility.

The link to the concept note can be found here

Follow this link to register.

For any questions or comments pertaining to the webinar, contact either the SDG Help Desk team at escap-sdghelpdesk@un.org or Christian Mortelliti at christian.mortelliti@un.org

We look forward to seeing you soon!