Global Survey on Sustainability and the SDGs

Global Survey on Sustainability and the SDGs

The Global Survey on Sustainability and the SDGs picks up on expectations and opinions on matters concerning sustainability, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in as many countries as possible throughout the world.

Everybody can participate: The objective of the Global Survey is to reach as many people in the world as possible in order to inquire about people’s personal and professional perspective on the status of sustainability in their country, as well as their knowledge, acceptance and expectations of the SDGs. This includes assessing the perception and need for action in various sectors worldwide, e.g. politics, academia, business and civil society.

The results will be publicly disclosed and discussed with representatives of all sectors. The objective is to create awareness, to initiate and accelerate the decisions necessary for sustainable development.
The project is financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety). Planning and implementation is carried out by the German sustainability consultancy Schlange & Co. (S&C), Yale University’s Center for Business and the Environment. The survey has started in September 2018 and will be accessible until the end of March 2019. It is available in more than 15 languages.

The anonymity of participants and their responses is guaranteed. For further information, please have a look at our Privacy Policy.

To take the survey, follow this link.