Earth Day: Learn how to take climate action in your workplace!

Earth Day: Learn how to take climate action in your workplace!

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Earth Day movement and promote climate action in office environments, the United Nations are organizing a free webinar on practical steps to green workplace environments.

Building on the successful experience of the United Nations in greening their facilities and operations in Bangkok, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) will share best practices and provide guidance on how to get started on climate action in the workplace, and what main operational areas to target.

Goal: The aim is to help workplaces step up their commitment to curb their carbon footprint and take action, by giving them tools and tips on how to show leadership and build a community of best practices.

Action: After learning how to take climate action in the workplace, participants will be invited to select a focus area and make a pledge to green their office in 2020.

Recognition: The efforts and achievements of the participating organizations will be shared by ESCAP in October 2020.

Private sector, NGOs, Embassies, International organizations, Universities, Start-ups, Schools, Other entities

Register by 17 April 2020!
Updates and information regarding the webinar will be shared with those who register using the following link:

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