FAO e-learning courses on Agricultural Risk Management

The objective of the courses is to bridge the knowledge gap in production, marketing, financial, institutional and policy-related risks at the farm level, as well as across the agricultural value chain, with a holistic approach in the developing country context.

UN Women 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Gender Equality

The Gender Equality in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development training course aims to develop and strengthen awareness of gender equality and women’s empowerment issues within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. - Register here

ITCILO Lifelong e-learning: 21st century e-learning design and delivery

Shape your e-learning project on-line, guided by recent developments in instructional design, e-moderation and on-line assessment. Share, connect and practice with the latest set of e-tools designed to support contemporary learning in the 21th century. - Register here

Project and programme cycle management

Amongst the most notable skill deficiencies was proficiency in project and programme cycle management (PPCM). PPCM provides an overall analytical and decision-making framework for results-based management. - https://www.itcilo.org/en/areas-of-expertise/project-and-programme-cycle-manage…

ITCILO Procurement management

It cuts across all economic sectors and constitutes 15–30 per cent of the gross domestic product in most countries, hence its significance for enhancing market competitiveness and sustainable development. - Browse courses

Environmental Security

Conflicts over natural resources and the environment are among the greatest challenges in 21st-century geopolitics. These conflicts present serious threats to human security at both the national and local levels. - Enroll

Migration and Gender

This one-lesson course considers the gender dimension of rural migration. - Enroll

Water: Addressing the Global Crisis

Water is the source of all life. Without it, neither humans nor nature will survive. Yet lack of access to water is a rapidly growing problem and one of the world’s gravest risks. It is a global crisis. The water we have at our disposal is often too little, too much or too dirty. - Enroll

Climate Smart Agriculture

We are extremely pleased to inform you that the five elearning courses related to Climate Smart Agriculture are now available online, free of charge, as a global public good, through the FAO elearning Center under the Category: “Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation“.
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Circular Economy

This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops. This is the aim of the Circular Economy, but it doesn’t happen on its own. - Enroll