SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Asia-Pacific Energy Portal

The Asia Pacific Energy Portal is one aspect of ESCAP’s support to regional member States under the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF). With the generous support of the Russian Federation, the portal has been designed to serve as an informational foundation, helping to meet that mandate and support ESCAP’s ongoing energy-related activities. The portal was launched at the 71st Commission Session in May 2015 and continues to develop with new features and content.

Sustainable Eco Village Development

Over two-thirds of households in India still rely on traditional biomass for cooking. Open fires and primitive stoves are rather inefficient at converting energy into heat for cooking and emit a significant amount of smoke which can have harmful effects on heath as well as on the environment. While women play a major role in family lives, being those who are cooking, collecting firewood, water, and working in agriculture, they are seldom included in decision-making processes.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Community Forests and Sustainable Biomass Energy

While innovation and technology can accelerate climate change mitigation and curb greenhouse gas emissions, levels of acceptance of new ways of doing things remain low among traditional societies. A user-centred design approach can be useful in raising acceptance of a new technology, as the needs of the user are considered throughout the design process.

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Energy Transition: Perspectives and Opportunities for the World of Work

This course will provide a conceptual framework for the creation of more and better jobs through the transition to sustainable and clean energy. It will equip participants with the knowledge and understanding of the employment creation potential and the skills required for a transition to sustainable and clean energy, as well as concrete strategies for decent work promotion in the sector, from both public and private sector perspectives.

Dates: 2-6 December 2019

Via Interaxion

Via Interaxion offers a catalog of health, education, development, environment, migration and peace initiatives around the world to encourage action, interaction, discussion and collaboration among development practitioners.

Call for Project: Addressing Emissions from Transportation in Norway

This is a call for projects for projects addressing GHG emissions from the transportation sector in Norway. If you know someone working on this issue, be sure to send them this article! The theme and the place of our calls for projects are determined by our Plan A algorithm. To learn more about the data-drive of Plan A, read our head of data’s expose here.

Pacific Data Hub

The Pacific Data Hub holds a large and diverse collection of data, data insights, publications, and knowledge products on the Pacific across key sectors, including population statistics, fisheries, geoscience, agriculture, aquaculture, energy, education, human rights, climate change, and oceans, and it continues to grow.